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Below are the steps that are involved in selling your home. Feel free to use me as a resource to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Step 1: Prepare to your home
It is very important that you prepare your home for sale. Decluttering any unnecessary items is the best place to begin. Then, clean the home thoroughly including storage areas and closets as organized storage areas can often appear larger and more accommodating. Complete the process by staging and arrange your furniture so that it shows off the home best. Add flowers to your landscaping or pots by the front steps to make the home as warm and inviting as possible. Keeping your home in great condition throughout the entire process is key to making a great impression on all buyers.

Step 2: Set the list price of your home
Several things like market conditions, comparables, interest rates as well as location and condition will play a part in how much you can ask for price. Home selling can be part art, part science, part marketing, and part negotiation. Market comps will be furnished, but it is ultimately the seller that will set the asking price.

Step 3: Negotiating an offer
Perhaps the most complex part of the sales process is when you get an offer. Whether you have one offer or a few to consider, I can assist you with advice for a strategy to achieve your goals.

Step 4: Planning your move
Once you have accepted an offer and any contingencies are met, you can then begin your next stage in planning your move. The good news is much of the cleaning, organizing and decluttering has already been done by you prior to listing the home for sale. Now you can begin booking movers as you prepare for your next chapter.

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